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Y Wednesday, September 12, 2007.

Hello everyone,
i'm like damn lazy to post?
today is mummy & serene's birthday,
kk, happy birthday, [:

today is like damn tired lorh.
tio caught by DM for sleeping in class -.-
damn him, ROFL.
today for free periodddd, :D
most of the teachers went for course, O.O!
any conf tell me!
i will end here,
baibai :DDDDDD!

say the magical three words.
3:01 PM

Y Monday, September 10, 2007.

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ~ .
Firstly,don't know what to post la .
This blog is rotting, so i'll help Darren'DIDI to post.
Kkk, obviously, im his JIEJIE laaa, called him didi what.
Alicia here! TADAAAAAAAAA !
Crap (#*!)@.
K la k la, dont throw rotten eggs kk.
I dont know what to post maaaaa.
&, one fact about DARREN.
He keeps step one emo on msn to me.
Then he say , Who ask me care so much for him.
Walao %(^@(!.
If i dont care you, you'll be real emo liao kk.
Oh yes, remember ahhhhh didi , after my PSLE , lets pon together . <3
LOL , i didnt teach him bad. :p
Is he teach me bad k .
Bad darren ! :DDD
kk, i'll stop crapping here, later all of you throw rotten eggs at me.
I know my posting sucks.
Lastly , Alicia <3 Darren . kk bye :D

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11:01 PM

Y Sunday, September 9, 2007.

long time since i post >this blog is dying soon,
rahrah, Dx
bored bored.
any conf? [:
i'm tired pl0x.
woke up at 7am and online till nowwww.
most of the time audi-ing with wx, [:
sleeping soon,
baibaiiiii, <3.

&ily ; imy [:

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6:57 PM

Y Thursday, September 6, 2007.

anyway, i'm Darren Lim Jia Qi's twinny!
if you know who i am then good loh,
don't know then, awwws!@#
sad for you kkkk,
hmms, darrenlimjiaqi everytime say i bully him.
but i never kkkkk! >:D
no lah, is we bully lai bully qu ):
i nothing to post for you, you know anot twinny!?
yesterday manage to ton with you, gahs.
ton till 5am, then went to orhorh.
you zhu loh, wakeup so late.
i wakeup @ 7 laaaaaa! :D
zhu twinny! :x
okaaaay, don't know what to say.
since i owe you 1 post mah,
this your post loh.
i post for you le hoh, don't say never! ):

say the magical three words.
7:07 PM

Y Tuesday, September 4, 2007.

Today is my 15' birthday.
so i will be posting today! :D
actually wanna ton yesterday,
but too tired,
fall alseep, xDD
slept for 3 hours as wenxuann online at 8am,
and i sleep at 5am,
lols :D
den we were audi-ing throughout :D!
at about 1plus,
we went back to habbo to rest :D
when the time reaches 2,
wenxuan hosted a birthday party for me,
which is great, [:
I want to thanks those who wished me happy birthday,
and those who spended time with me today,
&&&&&& send me prezzies! :D
Most of all,
thanks wenxuan for the birthday party, (:
3 more days will be our second month,
time passes so fast yeah, xD
who wanna ton with me & jieyi tonight?
& today is the most memorable day!
thanks everyone, byeeeeeee (:

say the magical three words.
8:19 PM

Y Sunday, September 2, 2007.

Haihaihaihaihai. :D
yes, hai, yes haihai.
okay, childish enough.
oh, i'm darren's milky's supplier.
daily canszxs, i'm so wei da.
buahahahaha, yes i'm being insane and bhb.
let me tell you what, he drinks milky everynight can.
childish kiddo, yey.
and, i'm tired alrdy.
and yet, he force me to help him to post.
such a meanie, yeah!
yesyesyesyesyes. :D
support me wor, hehehehe.
and, i win him in hypering k!
yey, i more hyper lah.
cannot bet me one, muahahaha.
i guess you dk who i am.
oh yes, i'm the machoestestest and wonderwoman, SOPHIE!
my name's real k, remember k.
muahahaha, i'm macho-er then darren.
and i know, he's jealous or i'm more handsome then him right manszxs.
hahaha, yes. :DDDD
i know i'm nice k, hahahaha.
nicer then darren, :D
of course can, slaps darren-
bhbnesss, i wont wanna influence you guys k.
so yeah, baibai peepos!
and hor, remember to support my milkycompany hor.
k, waves madly-
baibai! :DDDDDD

say the magical three words.
11:29 PM

Y Friday, August 31, 2007.

this few days has been sick.
yesterday worse somemore.
while i was bathing~
i thought what happen,
den i vomited blood :/
shock, ]:
2nd time le =x
haven even eat a meal since this morning.
kinda hungry,
but no mood to eat, ]:
say also useless.
like ppl will care -.-

Mummy ;
sorry for what i have say that day.
can you don't bu li wo, ]:
i feel so restless this few days, D:
think of many things.
pls give me an ans =x

sophie jieee ;
take care of urself alright, [:
yesterday damn worry abt you, T.T
i scared anything happen to you =x
cheerup alrights, [:

yiyi twinnehh ;
i love you pls,
thanks for accompanying me.
let's ton tonight, [:

& thanks for those who concern me,
i love all of you :DDD
&amp;&& 7 more days, [:
wenxuann ily, <3 (:

say the magical three words.
10:38 PM

Y Thursday, August 30, 2007.

Today in sch only sleeping!
fun yige, [:
slack like siao, xD
2moro who want to pon with me :D
2moro ACSES day Dx
den at PE, we learn the dance -.-
lame loorh pls,
who wanna dance sia, LOL!!

&5 more days to my birthday,
and here i am so sad.
i think,
when the day comes.
no one will know is my birthday.
i shall disappear in this world,
isit a good idea? :D

say the magical three words.
3:43 PM

Y Tuesday, August 28, 2007.

It's is just like a nightmare,
the fear will also be there.
whenever i need help,
where are you, ]:
just leave me alone like this?
i'm so scared,
haish, ))))):

&& i walk alone in a world,

say the magical three words.
5:33 PM

Y Monday, August 27, 2007.

Why am i crying in the early morning, ]:
i'm so sad,
my tears can't stop flowing,
why is that so?
you're the one who cheer me up when i'm sad.
i just hope everything will be like last time.
i really enjoy the time with you.
take cares,
cya bye, [:

say the magical three words.
7:17 AM

Y Sunday, August 26, 2007.

if you don't know me..

if you still don't know me.. you're _l_ up.

see lah, darren sabo me into posting also.
i ask him post for me first de lor!
hehehe, now i know he likes to copy me k!
he emos, i laughs. he cries, i consoles.
he sucks, i rocks! he rocks, i rocks more!
eeyer, he say i should be madcow cos i more hyper.
walao eh! whatever lor please! ):
darren bully me!
wenxuan' wonderwoman help me leh! hehehe.
i'm bored sia, hmms.
i rock i rock i rock i rock i rock i rock i rock i rock i rock,
i'm hyper &darren's a noob! :D
&when darren said that i last night scream alot,
it's cos shawn is in finals &he's the champion.

note to darren:

k, i'm so damn retarded &random.
heheheheheheh! o.o
k lar, i lazy liaos.


say the magical three words.
1:35 PM

Y .

Yesterday night was damn fun, LOL.
5 hours of mapling and conf-ing with jieyi ^^.
I miss yongen jiejie okays,
conf with her for 5mins only >;l.
thanks jieyi larh,
help me lvl up 3times.
from lvl 16 to 19, LOL ;D
damn tired pls,
click till hand pain ROFL.
kk, any conf now?
I'm bored, Dx
4.30pm den can online in habbo -.-
kk, nth to post le, byeeeeeeee, (x

say the magical three words.
12:44 PM